Yellow Melon Peeling and Cutting Line

Frutas y hortalizas para transformación

ABL Srl · 0284


Designed for Melon, the AP15 peeler is a core-in system that guarantees a perfect alignment of core and coring tube. Peeling occurs in two ways: standard, which follows the original shape of the fruit, or cylindrical, which provides a uniform peel regardless of fruit shape or size. Head removal also takes two forms. The standard option allows the blades to remove the fruit heads according to the original size of each fruit piece. The desired size option allows the operator to set a consistent size that all fruit pieces will be cut to. Additionally, the AP15 is able to produce cuts in which the core is left inside the fruit. It can further be integrated with ABL’s system for cutting the fruit pieces in half, along with the GFT Pineapple & Melon chunker machine.

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