Watermelons line (TS-WM slicer + GTF-WM chunker)

IV y V gama

ABL Srl · 0284


- Watermelons are placed manually on a station load that advances towards thethe cutting one; - Selected are pushed towards a system that cut the fruit into large washers (the thickness of which is to be established) - Then they are picked up manually one at a time from an operator and position yourself on special shuttles; - During transportation inside of the machine, the washers are selected based to the diameter by a special System; - Determined the size a pick & place le device withdraws by depositing them on the corresponding cutting unit a story diameter getting cubes; - The cubes and the external part of waste are conveyed and separated on two underlying tapes towards further processing; - The machine allows loading manual and continuous at a capacity of 4 ÷ 5 fruits per min. - The machine allows the processing of all types of watermelon even not perfectly uniform and of different sizes and variety after regulation

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