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Frutas y hortalizas para transformación

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hanks to a fully-automatic procedure, PDS/R orientates, peels, cores and cuts into different sizes up to a max. of 100 apples per minute. To ensure max. production flexibility, it is available in 4 models: 25, 50, 75 or 100 fruits/minute. This automatic peeler ensures a high quality standard of the finished product, by keeping at the same time fruit organoleptic properties - such as colour, taste andconsistency - unchanged. One of the advantages offered by PDS/R is the possibility to peel different varieties of apples, including those having a less “regular” shape, such as the Bramley one. Machine adjustments and size changeovers are extremely practical: peeling or seed cell option can be activated through an ON/OFF switch. Highly efficient fruit orientation. Machine offers several processing options and cutting styles: whole and cored apple; apple segments from 2 up to 18 equal pieces; apple “chunks” which come from a segment cut into 2 or more pieces; apple butterflies; apple rings with centered coring having adjustable thickness ranging from 3 up 15 mm.; apple straight cut; apple “fries” . To complete efficiency and to protect mechanical parts, the machine features automatic and timed lubricating systems and centralised greasing.

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