Mango Complete Chunking Line (OP30 peeling - MNG24 destoning -TKM chunking)

Frutas y hortalizas para transformación

ABL Srl · 0284


P30 is a semiautomatic peeling machine for mango. The machine can be used to peel one fruit variety at the time or even two separate fruit since it is equipped by two peeling head. The speed is 24 fruit x minute when processing mango. Fruits are positioned manually into the feeding cups by one operator. Two self centering hand will center and transfer the fruit between two mandrels , these will put in rotation the fruits to allow their peeling. The ABL patented peeling head will gently perform the peeling following the fruit shape according it’s dimension with the possibility to adjust the peeling depth also with the machine in function. MNG24 Automatic destoning machine for mangoes, with manual fruit feeding and direct transfer to the lower and upper cutting stations, following a programmed sequence of operations. The machine is equipped to perform incision between pulp and kernel, by means blades properly shaped to follow the fruit profile, ensuring a high quality standard of the final product, keeping the physical and organoleptic properties (like structure, colour, taste and consistency), unchanged during the complete process. The machine performs an output up to 24 mangoes/minute.

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