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L. Gobbi S.r.l., single-member company based in Campo Ligure (GE) Italy, is a manufacturer and distributor of special products for agriculture. Market leader in the sector of plant growth regulators, foliar fertilizers, soil improvers, organic products and biostimulants. L. Gobbi S.r.l. has been operating on the Italian market for over sixty years, and on the international market for about forty.

Since the eighties, L. Gobbi S.r.l. has opened up to international markets thanks also to the German parent company E. Gerlach GmbH, with a strong boost focused on the Research

and Development of sustainable products, suitable for use in organic or integrated agriculture. 

Over sixty years of experience and care in building a reliable and dynamic commercial

network, in facing continuous challenges through innovations, research and a forward-looking approach to the market. Sixty years of commitment, in line with the company slogan "With nature, for nature" directing the research towards products with reduced environmental impact. All this defines Gobbi, a company projected into the future with confidence, awareness and exciting dynamism.

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Private Limited Liability Company
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Fertilizers, agronutrients, plant protection, substrates

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E. Gerlach GmbH, Germany

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